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SMS and Email Marketing
Whether you require SMS/Email marketing, corporate messaging, or platform integration, Five Bar Systems has the purpose built system for you. Utilising our in-house FBS-Direct system, we can provide you with SMS campaigns through to a fully integrated communications platform for your company, combining the following online products:
Your company can have one of these products, or all of them, integrated into a single platform to allow you ease of use and simple reporting systems to track your company's costs in real-time. Utilising our FBS-Direct template system can guarantee your brand remains intact and ensures that you have the correct approval protocols in place to avoid any embarrassing incidents. Five Bar Systems can also provide you with complete real-time reporting to manage your database and campaign costs.

Direct Marketing
For all of your direct and personalised marketing needs Five Bar Systems is the company to make it happen on time, within specification and to your budget. Whether your company is looking for a mailing list, a unique way to contact your customers, or simply the most cost effective mail solution, Five Bar Systems has the solution to deliver your needs.

Our experience in developing concepts, processing complex data, or campaign management to the letterbox (whether it's electronic or post box) will deliver the right solution for you.

Some of the services we can provide include:
  • Concept development
  • Data management
  • Cross Media including Email, SMS and print
  • Fundraising Campaigns
  • Monthly Statement runs (electronic and hardcopy)
  • Targeted promotional Mail
  • Letterbox distribution
  • Logistics management
Without investing in infrastructure and trained personnel, companies can maximise their communication and achieve optimum campaign results utilising FBS-Direct technology.

Call the team at Five Bar Systems today on 1300 FIVE BAR to discuss your specific requirements.

Cost Efficient

For a fraction of the cost of traditional postcards, letterbox drops or direct mail, SMS and email can connect with your customers providing almost real-time information.

Self Managed

Configure and send a campaign when you want, on your terms. Send out 1 message or different types depending on your demographic - our software can segement your data as you need it.

Real-time Reporting

Obtain live reporting on your campaign through our web portal and track your campaign, response rate and sales.

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