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Mobile Applications
What is a mobile "app"?
Mobile applications or mobile apps are applications developed for small handheld devices, such as mobile phones, smartphones, PDAs and so on. Mobile apps can come preloaded on the handheld device as well as can be downloaded by users from app stores or the Internet.

You can find mobile apps on both feature phones and smartphones. The most popular smartphone platforms that support mobile apps are Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad/Touch), Windows Mobile and Blackberry.

What can "apps" do for me?
A mobile app can perform many tasks and serve many purposes. Generally speaking, an app is developed to enable your customers to access information quickly that could help benefit your business.

This type of information can include store locations, operating hours, products, manuals/instructions or be a complete ordering system.

How do I integrate a mobile "app" into my workflow?
Mobile apps can be easily integrated into existing workflow and systems to enable you to keep your information flow as original as possible.

The process of integration typically follows the following path:
  • Scope and purpose of app
  • Documentation of existing workflow
  • Feasibility study of integration
  • App build to link with existing systems
While this process may sound difficult and daunting, we have expert staff on hand to help and guide you through the process.

What benefits will I obtain from my "app"?
The benefits you may gain will depend on the type of app you are developing.

You may see increased brand awareness, a viral campaign through social media channels, increased sales, more warm-hot leads for your products and reduced labour costs for staff.

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Your Mobile Brand

You can increase your brand awareness, sales opportunities and reduce marketing costs by engaging with the mobile community - ask us how.

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By utilising Five Bar Systems' patented technology, you can send targeted marketing messages and notifications to your mobile subscriber base.

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The internet has enabled your customers to purchase products 24x7x365 through your website - extend your reach and allow them to purchase from their mobile device!

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